maciej  ratajczak





Born in 1966.MFA in painting 1995,Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław,class of Professor Stanisław Kortyka.

His works have been featured in several exhibitions.He has also realized a number of installations and actions.

Winner of the 2nd Prize in the Pizza Hut painting competition.

 member of the Polish Association of Visual Artists

Recent exhibitions:

-10.2004   Lower Silesia `Painting-Continuation of` collective, Wroclaw, Galeria Awangarda

- 05.2005 `thought` animal collective, Wroclaw, Brewery houses

- 09.2007 `Between the sacred and the profane` together with Maria Mamczur, Warsaw, University Library

- 03.2008 `Woman` collective Raszyn Gallery Exhibitions Artistic GBP

- 08.2008 `Prelude` public art collective, Warsaw, Alternative Cafe

-11.2008 `Art pub`collective,Olsztyn,ZPAP gallery

-12.2009 `Ritualia` individual,Warsaw,Galeria Autograf